indexOur spacious factory with its various infrastructure is ideally located in a seven acres of land area for processing our export orders.

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  • Infrasturcture
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Quality Control
  • Handling
  • Time bound production and Exports
about-img1Our spacious factory with its various infrastructure is ideally located in a seven acres of land area for processing our export orders.

We constantly upgrade our processing facilities to cater to our global clients and produce better quality granite. We take exceptional efforts to realize the best level of customer satisfaction. Granite Quarry is done by advanced heavy equipments like Excavators, Wire saws, Line drilling, Loaders, Cranes and other equipments. The factory, based at Madurai in the granite alley of South India. We are promoted by a group of experienced and enterprising team of professionals and we are equipped with the latest new generation state of the art plant with computerised machineries, for cutting and polishing of monument blocks.

Various computerised machineries have been installed to meet out the requirements of cutting, slicing, shaping and polishing the granite stones and any kind of sculpture and ornamental work as per export requirements. The state-of-the-art facilities includes the latest technology, which includes diamond wire profile machine, vertical cutters, Edge Cutters along with efficient man power covering around 150 employees. The company always puts great emphasis on the quality and customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen are well experience and have high talents of creativity. They can bring into shape any image and are experts in ornamentalisation.

about-img2 Keeping in mind the quality consciousness of our global customers we give utmost importance to maintaining the quality of our products. Strict quality maintenance steps are maintained at all levels of productions right from the stage of selecting the rough blocks from the quarry in order to ensure perfect quality. Our choice of raw materials is handpicked stones from quarry after personal visits by our experts and inspection on site in order to ensure good quality of the products. Competent personnel with proper engineering qualification and years of experience are employed for the purpose. Apart from the technically qualified personnel, the company has well experienced artisans and skilled labours having adequate experience in granite monument production. Computerized operation at various stages of production and constant monitoring of the work is being carried out inside the factory in order to bring out the best quality of finished products. Our quality department works with up-to date control equipment and highly qualified and experienced staff is responsible for all routine tests and analysis. We follow rigid quality control procedures at all stages for the completion of our products in time and to the satisfaction of our customers.

about-img3 Packing and delivery
We give no room for damage of the product in transport due to improper packing. We attach much importance to packaging of our finished products in order to deliver them to the customers in perfect condition. Our packing experts are very good in their packaging procedures and ensure the safety of our finished products and to reach them without any damage.

Adhering to the delivery schedule is one of the vital requirements in our business dealings. Recognizing the importance of on-time delivery, the company plans everything well to accomplish in the right delivery schedule. Unhindered power supply coupled with the active operations in all departments is yet another factor contributing towards sticking to the delivery schedule.

about-img4Its extensive experience in mining and quarrying has stood good ground for its export business in granite blocks and finished granite products. The reputation and success of Sree Ivy Rockks is a 100 % Export Oriented Unit and a result of its performance, consistent quality, unerring delivery schedule, trained and skilled personnel, highly computerised machinery and a dedicated management team. Sree Ivy Rockks is a specialist in carved stone products for memorials and supplies about 90 containers per annum to European Countries. Our experienced logistic team responsible for the handling of our fine finished products, packaging them with utmost care, loading transporting them to the port through containers and to ship them in order to ensure the prompt and safe delivery at delivery points.



We are also looking for expanding our business in new regions. Hence opportunities are available for anyone interested to have business ties with us by being an agent or representative for us. Please feel free to contact us. We shall be too glad to be of any service in these areas and one can be assured of the best quality of service and supply of superb monuments at a competitive price and supplied in time.

We invite applications for the following positions.

  • Production supervisors
    (Minimum 10 years’ experience in monument industry)
  • Accountants
    (Minimum 5 years’ experience in Export Oriented Units)

Applications may please be forwarded to the Administrative officer

Candidates with experience may mail to office@ivyrockks.com

Representatives & Agents

As we are growing and expanding, would like to have Agents / Representatives for our company in U.K. Europe, Australia, United States of America and Canada. You may please contact us for further details and business tie up.


There are vacancies for the following positions in our company.


Work Supervisors


Candidates with experience may mail to office@ivyrockks.com

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